Daily Prompt: Legacy

My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents have left a legacy of high moral standards, Judeo-Christian values and beliefs, and high expectations for financial and educational success for the generation of Millennials I belong to.  Some say we are entitled and self-absorbed as a group, and they would probably agree.  The legacy they left is “out-dated” in the technologically advanced global society we now belong to, something I’m sure they never even dreamed of.  In this colossal change of sociological norms resulting from the world-wide-web,  what legacy are we, the millennials, going to leave for our own blossoming generations of children?  A confusing bombardment of information that can’t be confirmed or distinguished as truth from falsity.  A lack of values and morals because of the rebellious denial of absolutes.  A disconnection from nature, love, compassion, and humanity resulting from the technology that drives us apart from the people around us but drives us towards the people we can never know or truly trust.  Will my children be proud of the legacy I left, like I am proud of the legacy I have received?


One thought on “Legacy

  1. Good questions. Mom of three millennials. No, our generation had no idea what was coming our way. When I was in high school our computer “brain” (processor) took up a room and we had to learn DOS, which most of us forgot as fast as we learned it. I remember a few short years later walking through Sears and seeing a computer at the end-cap. What a shock to be told it was a computer with wild animals running around – like a TV set! ehh – that was 1990ish. We’ve come far, fast.

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